Portable Metal Keyring Ashtray

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The cigarette butts are not biodegradable - It may seem like it because it feels like paper but the filter actually contains plastic fiber that contaminates our oceans and soil.

A study done by the sdsu saw the toxins from just 1 cigarette butt killed all fish in a litre bucket of water, yet billions of cigarette butts are finding the way into our oceans every single year... imagine the damage that is doing to the ecosystem

This is this ideal item for any smoker, this portable ashtray is slick, stylish and small enough to fit in any pocket, it comes with a keychain to attach to your keys so you will always have an Ash Tray with you. 


Ashtray size: 7.2 * 1.4 * 2.8CM
Material: Stainless Steel Metal
Color: Black

"When you purchase iBan Plastic Products, you are supporting the movement towards a Plastic Free Ocean and Plastic Free Life Style... Thank You"

– iBan Plastic Team –

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