iBan Plastic Portable Travel Bag

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230,000 Marine animals die every year due to Plastic Bags being discarded into their environment. That's almost 1 death every 2 minutes. Let's bring a stop to this right now with the iBan Plastic Portable Loop Bag.

Small, portable and great for shopping and traveling. It's easy to use pull system lets you on ravel the huge 5-liter bag in seconds and once you are done just simply wind it back up into its housing. Currently, only the Black Bag with Orange Tag is available. 

Product Details
Color: Black Bag, Orange Tag
Size: Unfolded: 33cm*40cm*10cm/12.99in*15.75in*3.94in
Storage: About 5 liters

"When you purchase iBan Plastic Products, you are supporting the movement towards a Plastic Free Ocean and Plastic Free Life Style... Thank You"

– iBan Plastic Team –

Due to the high demand for this unique item, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.